The faculty members of the Department are actively involved in contemporary research in various fields of Biotechnology. An Extramural grant amounting _296.47 Lakhs has been generated  for the year  2013  to 2018.  The Department has also received grants from various government agencies like DBT (M.Sc Programme, UGC (XII Plan),DST-FIST, DST-PURSE, UPE-CPEPA and DBT-DISC to support the establishment and improvement of  infrastructure/facilities.

Research Projects

S. No. Title  Duration Funding Agency Amt (Lacs) PI/ Co-PI

Ongoing Projects

1 Deciphering Strategies for Development of Leaf Spot Disease Resistant Withania Somnifera (L.) Dunal 2018-2021 CSIR 37.26 Dr. P.K. Pati
2 In vitro mass propagation of High value hill area Banarna (PI) (Multi-Institutional Project) 2018-2021 DBT 26.43 (GNDU) Dr. P.K.Pati
3 Investigations of polysialic acid mimetics in nervous system injury and disease 2017-2020 DST 47 Dr. Gurcharan Kaur
4 Study of molecular and cellular basis of obesity associated neuroinflammation and the role of natural products as neuroprotective agents. 2015-2019 DBT 40 Dr. Gurcharan Kaur
5 Behavioral and molecular study of relationship between chronic sleep privation and cognitive impairments  2015-2019 DST 40 Dr. Gurcharan Kaur

Completed Projects

1 Role of peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerases in acquisition of thermotolerance in wheat 2015-2018 DBT 47.63 Dr. Prabhjeet Singh
2 Structure-Function analysis of plant NADPH oxidases 2014-2018 DBT 58.5 Dr. P.K. Pati
3 Development of In-vitro Regeneration System (Cell suspension & Protoplast) and Comparative Analysis of Bioactive Compounds of Rhodiola Species, a High Value Medicinal Plant from Trans-Himalayan Region of Ladakh 2015-2017 DRDO 8.80 Dr. P.K. Pati
4 Developing fungal strains for enzyme production through mutagenesis, protoplast fusion and over expression using A. niger citrate synthase promoter (multi-institutional) 2013-2016 DBT 100.96 Dr. N.S. Punekar Dr. P.K. Pati/ Dr. B.S. Chaddha
5 Structure function studies on a conserved essential malaria parasite containing PEXEL motif 2011-2014 DBT 26.48 Dr. P.C. Mishra/ Dr. Ramandeep Kaur
6 Insight into 24-epibrassinolide mediated synthesis of protective proteins and enzymes in Brassica juncea L. under copper stress. 2011-2014 CSIR 20.00 Dr. P.K. Pati
7 Development of a Molecular Detection System for Alternaria  species infecting Withania Sominfera (L) and analysis  of post-infectional  changes during leaf spot disease using biochemical and molecular approaches. 2011-2014 CSIR 21.70 Dr. P.K. Pati
8 Heat stress induced calmodulin binding proteins in sorghum: Characterization cloning and expression analysis (in collaboration with IHBT, Palampur) 2011-2014 DBT 64.85 Dr. Prabhjeet Singh
9 Insights into secondary metabolite production and their accumulation in Withania Somnifera using in vitro propagation system 2010-2014 DBT 92.00 Dr. P.K. Pati
10 Myxobacteria from North Indian Plains: diversity and potential for novel anti-infectives 2010-2014 CSIR 18.74 Dr. Ramandeep Kaur
TOTAL 650.35

Other Grants Sanctioned to the Department from Different Agencies (2013-2018)

Grants Total (Rs.  in lakhs)
DBT (MSc. Programme) 70.30
UGC (XII Plan) 17.0
DST-FIST 110.0
UPE- CPEPA 12.00
DBT-DISC 32.79
Total 296.47