i) Medical Biotechnology

  • Therapeutic potential applications of PSA mimetics in cell culture and mouse models of brain injury and disease.
  • Ashwagandha derived phytochemicals for development of differentiation-based therapy of brain cancers.
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of adverse effects of antiepileptic (AEDs) and mood stabilizing drugs.


(ii) Plant Biotechnology

  • Role of genes encoding peptidyl Prolyl Cis-Trans Isomerases in plants.
  • Transgenic analysis for the role of   genes involved in vesicle transport in abiotic stress tolerance of wheat.
  • Studies are being carried out to understand the role calmodulin-binding proteins in abiotic stress tolerance of plants.
  • StudyROS dynamics and its implications in plant stress tolerance.
  • Biotechnological approaches in enhancement of commercial value of With ania somnifera.
  • Molecular and biochemical approaches to study brassinosteroid mediated responses in rice using salt and pesticide stress.

 (iii) Microbial Biotechnology

  • Characterization of cellulolytic microorganism.
  • Myxobacteria as a potential source of antimicrobial activity.

(iv) Structural and Computational Biology    

  • Application of bioinformatics in identification of Plasmodium drug targets (eg. Hsps, PHIST).
  • Structural characterisation of drug targets using experimental methods and in silico
  • Molecular docking studies for the identification of new inhibitors.
  • Understanding protein-ligand interaction using MD simulations studies.