Emerging Life Science Centre

Besides, Departmental Instrumentation Facilities, the students are also allowed to do interdisciplinary research using State of Art Facilities created in the name of Emerging Life Sciences Centre. Various sophisticated and specialized instruments like Confocol microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope flowcytometer, and many more worth more than 50 crores are housed in the Centre .(http://online.gndu.ac.in/emerging-life-science.aspx)

Emerging Life Sciences Technologies-A Centralized Facility

S.No.   Instrument name
1. NMR spectrometer (500 MHz)
2. Scanning Electron Microscope
3. Confocal Microscope  
4. Next Generation Sequencer
5. Atomic Force Microscope  
6. Transmission Electron Microscope
7. Ultracentrifuge
8. Amino acid analyzer  
9. Semi-prep HPLC  
10. Sonicator  
11. ICP-MS  
12. High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS)  
13. Flow cytometer